10 tips on making car hire

Once you have decided to rent a car from Top Rent A Car, here 10 mandatory things that you must remember before and during the rental period. 1. Make a reservation as early as possible This is important advice, especially if chosen period in the summer when is busiest. To avoid disappointment we have available your desired car, book at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Keep in mind that we often have discounts for early bookings! 2. Select the drive according to your needs Pay attention to both the price and volume of the trunk and interior space. This is important when more than 4 passengers or traveling with a lot of luggage. (Often customers to book car 7mesten not comply, that raised additional seats, luggage space becomes very small. This also applies to cars Mini class (Ford Ka), often chosen because of their low price). Full specifications of the cars of the fleet and see us here. 3. Allow more contact information when booking When booking a car online or by phone, provide more information such as flight number (so we can trace it if there is a delay), address or name of the hotel, as well as mobile phone, available at the time of rental. 4. Do not forget about the deposit of the car Like most car-rental companies, we also require a deposit in rent. The deposit varies between 200 EUR and 500 EUR according to class car. Deposit will be blocked on your credit card and after rent - unblocked. 5. Wear credit card, driver's license and ID card Do not forget your credit card, you need to deposit the car and your desire - to pay the amount due. You can not rent a car without a driver's license and identity card / passport. 6. Plan your trip abroad If during the rental period you are planning to go out abroad, please state this in advance. You need to be sent scanned copies of your documents for issuing power of attorney and a green card. There is a nominal fee based on the vehicle and the country you are visiting, the deposit is doubled. Some destinations are not allowed. 7. In an accident call us! If during the incident rent you call us. Required then you should call 112 and to be issued to you record the incident. The Protocol will need to release you from any charges if you have purchased a "Super Insurance". 8. Do not leave valuables in the car If you leave valuable belongings in the car, there is the potential to break it down, and your belongings stolen. Necessarily always take the vehicle documents with yourself. 9. Do not forget to load fuel in return Our company policy is to provide cars with a full tank, respectively, on their return, they must be loaded. We encourage you to use gas stations close to where the car back. 10. Observe traffic rules in Bulgaria Always obey the speed limits. Remember that in many places in Bulgaria has ways of fixed and mobile speed cameras. Choose secure lighted parking when parking. Do not leave your car parked in prohibited areas, not to be repatriated. Avoid third-class roads and always comply with traffic. The most important advice is to treat the rented car as to its own. Be careful not to bring unnecessary hassles and worries during your vacation.

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