5 mistakes when driving at night

5 mistakes when driving at night Driving at night has its risks. It can be very dangerous if you do not drive sensibly and carefully. We will show you the most common mistakes that are made mostly of younger drivers. 1. Improper use of main and dipped beam. Less experienced drivers do not know how and when to switch main and dipped beam. And this is crucial in night driving. Adjust the proper height and direction of the headlights, but not so dazzling other drivers. Use high beams in non-urban environments, low visibility without blinding oncoming or moving vehicles in front of you. 2. Exceeding the speed Speeding at night is typical of many leaders. The main reason is not heavy traffic. But it can be very dangerous as night driving hiding pretty risks. The city is dangerous because in the dark pedestrians cross many incorrect and wearing dark clothing. And out of town if you are driving at high speed, you may not notice an animal crossing the roadway. Try to drive at reasonable speeds and watch carefully road. 3. distraction It is a dangerous enemy of drivers. At least distraction associated even with changing the radio station, you may divert attention from this dangerous moment and to have unintended consequences. Do not hold the lamp in the cabin long put, this can further distract your attention. 4. The management of fatigue in car Often times, when many are tired sit behind the wheel. They believe that this would not be a big problem, especially if you have a longer driving experience. Regardless of your experience, try, if you feel tired immediately stop driving, to relax, to get moving or just breathe the fresh air. 5. Driving with alcohol Alcohol and driving, and their combination is absolutely forbidden and dangerous. It is prohibited not only by law but also from many other perspectives. The use of any amount of alcohol reactions (although not feel it) is slowing significantly, action and reaction times increase. When you drink, best find someone to drive you, call a taxi, but do not sit behind the wheel! The vast majority of road accidents caused by alcohol consumption.

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