10 reasons why you may be fined road

10 reasons why you may be fined road The ten main reasons for which you may be fined by the Police and a few basic rules to follow to avoid sanctions. 1. Turn on the lights One of the main reasons because of which you can be fined is if your lights are not included. Mandatory your lights should work regardless of the season. 2. Follow the validity of your insurance and technical inspection You can be fined if you or your expired insurance or period for technical review. 3. Compliance with traffic signals, signs and road markings Failure to comply with a traffic sign, go to red, or violate road markings again you can be fined. 4. Do not drive at high speed Speeding is also a prerequisite to you being fined. Observe the specified limits, in the village and outside the village. 5. Always wear the documents with you If you do not carry documents with you (passport, driving license, coupon) you may be charged a penalty. 6. Do not talk on the phone Talking on a cell phone is prohibited unless you use hands-free or blutuut device. It is extremely risky maneuver in which the fine is inevitable. 7. Stop footpaths Not stopping a pedestrian walkway or overtaking such is forbidden and should be fined. 8. Do not use the horn for no reason in settlements Use of the horn in public places without strictly necessary, can also be punished with a fine. 9. Park at designated locations Parking in a prohibited place, where there is a sign, or is close to junction or walkway can have unpleasant consequences. Can you put a clamp, you write slip or directly to your vgidnat car with spider. 10. Always be aware of the condition of the light signals and use seat belts If imate vehicle malfunctions related to the taillights, turn signals, lights, equipment. Wearing a seatbelt is also mandatory.

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